How to transition your skin care routine for warmer months

by Kayo Kobayashi on September 25, 2021

Spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching. So what should you be doing with your skin care routine?

Your skin has survived through dry winter weather, harsh wintery winds, and increased dryness with heated rooms....Congratulations!!  But just because winter is over, it doesn’t mean you can neglect your skin care in Spring!

As the weather changes, you should consider changing up your skin care to give it the attention it needs.

So, actually how should you be changing your skin care routine to maintain a  healthy and youthful skin?


Use lotion daily even in warmer months

Often people think lotion is to treat dehydration. Dehydration or dryness of skin is more commonly considered as main skin concerns during winter. However, your skin loses it’s hydration constantly no matter the weather is and no matter where you are.

Australia is renowned for one of the driest countries and hydration needs to be our top priority when it comes to skin care. 

When the outermost layer of your skin does not contain enough moisture, the skin will lose its elasticity and feel rough. This condition can cause wrinkles and potentially saggy skin.

Japanese lotion is full of humectants to keep your skin soft, smooth, plump and hydrated.


Use moisturiser even if your skin feels hydrated

One of the most common questions people ask us is “Do we need to wear moisturiser after lotion?”

Long story short, “YES!”

Whilst Japanese lotion provides hydration with plenty of humectants, moisturiser acts as a protective layer of the skin. It seals hydration in and shields moisture loss.

Japanese emulsion is full of emollients yet light enough to use in warmer months. Switch to richer and thicker moisturiser with emulsion that is light weight to maintain your skin moisturised all day long, 

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Wear sunscreen every day

With increased and higher UV radiation coming up to summer, it is even more vital to apply sunscreen with high protection each day. (sunny, cloudy and even in over-cast conditions) UVB is associated with skin burning whereas UVA is associated with skin aging. UVA can penetrate deep into our skin and can even pass through glass and face masks.

SPF is a measure of UVB protection and PA means protection grade of UVA rays. PA ++++ is the highest protection based on the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association.

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Don’t forget to remove all sunscreen and make up each night

Wearing products is one way to look after your skin but you cannot take "removing what you wore" in a day lightly. Skin cells do their repair work most effectively at night and it is necessary to remove sunscreen, make up and all impurities at the end of the day to encourage this process.

You need to look for a cleanser to remove waterproof sunscreen/make up (ideally oil based) before you perform your double cleanse. (which is commonly practiced amongst Japanese women) Whilst double cleanse is highly recommend to remove waterproof sunscreen and make up, friction may be a burden, especially for those with dry or sensitive skin with thin skin.

Choose a gentle and mild cleanser for your skin and use Japanese no friction cleansing method. Always apply hydration to  your skin by using lotion before any subsequent skin care products.

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