Hajime mashite!

Hi my name is Kayo. I am the founder of that GLOW.

Having grown up in beauty heaven Japan where skin care is deeply rooted in it’s cultures, working in a female dominant work environment and travelling the world as a flight attendant, I was exposed to the constant idea of having beautiful and luminous skin from a very young age.

With easy accessibility to thousands of beauty products in Japan, I have tried countless products in the market searching for the Holy Grail for my skin. I had relatively good skin and a well-maintained skin care routine however nothing really wowed me until I was around 30 years of age.

Every time I flew back to Japan, I made trips to pharmacies and department stores to stock-up on my skin care products for the next 12 months…..Well this sounded like a great idea but the reality is, they run out within 6 months!  So I naturally started using local skin care products after a while and my skin had become very dry quickly with Melbourne’s weather and sleepless nights after having a new born baby. This is when I decided to go back to Japanese skin care products and discovered the products I now sell online.

What is Japanese skin care in a nut shell?

Japanese skincare is holistic. It focuses on hydration and nurturing your way to healthy, glowing skin. Recently you may have heard “Mochi Skin” – It is a skin Japanese strive to achieve, that is firm, supple and hydrated skin. It is smooth and bouncy. Mochi skin has an inner glow and brightness to it.

Simple yet effective, the Japanese skincare routine follows 3 basic steps: cleansing the skin, hydrating it, then locking in the moisture—leaving the skin with a luminous glow from within.

How did that GLOW start?

As a Japanese woman myself who has spent half my life growing up in Japan and the other half now living in Australia where the climate is often dry, hot and UV-intense, I found that Japanese skincare was the perfect antidote to keeping my skin dewy and combating its aging process.

With so many people wanting to bring peace and calm to their skin and searching for a simple routine that actually works, I founded that GLOW, blending my knowledge of Eastern-inspired skincare rituals with modern, holistic products, and bringing easy-to-use and affordable Japanese skincare products to you.


All the products you’ll find here have been handpicked by me for their hydrating and nourishing properties. I’ve tried, used and loved every single product for many years, and only sell products that I personally care about, trust, and deeply believe will nurture your skin.

Give your skin that GLOW it deserves!



Founder of that GLOW


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